Foreign company registration process


Do you have a foreign company and wish to connect it to ID06? You first need to fill in our registration form with information that verifies your foreign company and companys signatory. The following qlarifications are essential to proceed:


Information about your company

Fill in the company name, VAT, contact persons name and email address, signatorys full name and a correct personal e-mail address to the signatory.

A verified company registration certificate

Attach a company registration certificate. You can get it from the authority in your country that holds company registries.

A verified company signatory

Attach document(s) that verifies the company signatory + passport copy. Make sure the signatory is mentioned by full name in documents.

Prepare how you need to verify your identity

Is all the documents examined and verified? Then prepare yourself how you need to authenticate your identity. This could be done either digitally or on site. If you need to scan your passport/ national ID document on site please start with that before you proceed with the registration of your ID06 account.